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3D printing filament
PLA+ 3D Filament
Browse our range of PLA+ 3D Printing Filaments... specially toughened in a range of colour options
3D printing filament
ABS+ 3D Filament
Browse our range of ABS+ 3D Printing Filaments... stronger than regular ABS, in multiple colours
3D printing filament
PETG 3D Filament
PETG is an interesting option... combining the benefits of ABS and PLA in one tough, durable material!
3D printing filament
TPU 3D Filament
Transparent, soft & elastic, our TPU has high flexibility yet is still easy to print
3D printing filament
Wood 3D Filament
Create realistic composite wooden parts, available in beautiful light pine and dark bamboo
3D Design & Rendering
CAD & 3D Rendering

We can design a product from your supplied info or even just your handdrawn sketch! We can also produce animated 3D scenes, with the camera following a path, as well as interactive 3D applications where the user can interact with the scene.

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3D Printing
3D Print service

We can print parts up to 350mm cubed, in a number of materials, including ABS, PLA & PETG. Click below to start an online print job or use the contact form to contact us for more complex requirements, including bulk copies, display cases, etc.

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Website Development
Website Development

We build web applications that are mobile responsive, search-engine friendly, eCommerce ready and complete with Content Management System with no limits on the number of pages you can create, plus business-strength hosting.

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Online Shop
Online Shop

We stock a wide range of filaments for the 3D printing professional, including ABS, PETG, TPU and PLA. If you dont see the filament you are interested in, just ask... we carry various colours, plus wood & metals.

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